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I’m a homeschool mom, so it’s that time of year when I start thinking that it’s that time of year for me to start thinking that I should really start thinking about getting our year together.

Sometimes it’s just difficult to get motivated. This year I’m fortunate enough to be able to blame COVID19. For everything. 🎉🎉

In the spirit of procrastination, I’ve fallen down the well of Jane Austen tumblrs. There are worse wells to be hiding researching in.


Toys, baubles, or curiosities.

Welcome to the world of The Other Austen, where you can find yourself amused for hours — nay days. There I discovered a link to A Corner of My Mind, with these fantastically cute paper dolls of all the Austen heroes.

You are very welcome.

Paper Doll of Mr. Knightley from A Corner of My Mind.

Paper Doll of Henry Tilney from A Corner of My Mind.

Paper Doll of Mr. Darcy from A Corner of My Mind.

Paper Doll of Capt. Wentworth from A Corner of My Mind. Am I the only one who wishes one of his outfits was a naval uniform?

Paper Doll of Edward Ferrars from A Corner of My Mind.

Paper Doll of Edmund Bertram from A Corner of My Mind.


  • Slang term taken from the 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue.
  • You can find more outfits for your paper dolls, if you’re so inclined, at Jane Austen’s Hero Club.
  • Speaking of homeschooling, learn how to create your own paper dolls in the post Paper Dolls Through the Ages at Practical Pages. Because we’re all crafty during quarantine.
  • Jo Manning wrote a fantastic guest piece at Number One London about Donald Hendricks, the man behind the beautiful Jane Austen paper doll characters above (more than just the heroes, too). He also did the March sisters from Little Women, as well as other literary figures, celebrities, and artists.

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