My Books

I write books with intriguing characters, saucy dialogue, and steamy smooching.  It’s all about the journey to the happily ever after.

The Lords of Oxford Series is five books that tell the stories of the lives and loves of a group of five peers of the realm who met at university and formed fast and lasting friendships.  The book order is as follows…

Coming Next:

Earl Crazy (March 2019)

The Good, The Bad, and The Marquis (October 2019)

The Earl Can’t Help It (February 2020)


Book 6 in A Legend to Love Series (My contribution to the series featuring eleven full-length novels from eleven Regency romance authors tells the updated story of Beowulf with a twist: a Lady with a heart of steel meets a Duke with a warrior’s heart. Together they fight for her family…and for love. Find the rest of the series HERE.)

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