A Legend to Love Series

Legends love again in each Regency romance novel.

A Legend To Love is a series of full-length Regency romance novels written by eleven different authors, where at least one of the main characters in each book is inspired by a legend. You’ll meet our very own versions of Robin Hood, Mulan, Cuchulainn and Emer, Vlad Dracula, Odysseus and Penelope, Romulus and Remus, the Lady of the Lake, Beowulf, Tristan and Iseault, Pygmalion and Galatea, and Dick Whittington and his cat. Each novel contains an Author’s Note, too, that talks a bit about each legend and why the author chose it.

One book per week will release, from September 25 through December 11. I will be featuring the new book here each debut week.

A free sample book featuring the first chapter of each novel is available at all online vendor locations (except iTunes, because Apple doesn’t consider it a real book, yada-yada-yada). Pick up your copy at your favorite bookseller today by clicking the cover below!

Apple users (or anyone, really, but especially Apple users) may grab their free copy HERE.