WOW ~ Word of the Week ~ Son of Mars

WOW ~ Word of the Week ~ Son of Mars

Taking a break from William Hogarth this week to observe the special day that happens to fall today.

Armistice Day is commemorated every year on November 11, noting the moment the cessation of hostilities occurred on the Western Front of World War I, at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918. We call this day Veterans Day in the United States, honoring both the living and dead who serve or have served in the Armed Forces. It’s also known as Remembrance Day/Remembrance Sunday in the United Kingdom, and National Independence Day in Poland.

Whatever the name, it’s a sad truth that history is full of wars and conflicts, and thus full of those to remember. While Armistice Day/Veterans Day/Remembrance Day/National Independence Day the holidays are a relatively modern invention, the concept of honoring those who served in the brotherhood of military service is undoubtedly timeless.

Soldiers in St. James Park by Thomas Rowlandson, undated, Yale Center for British Art.

Son of Mars

A soldier.

Soldiers on a March by Thomas Rowlandson, 1805, Yale Center for British Art.


Slang term taken from 18th Century and Regency Thieves’ Cant by Pascal Bonenfant.