WOW ~ Word of the Week ~ Bever

Please forgive the drive-by post today. This past week consisted of nonstop appointments and tie-ups with the man-child. So I felt the need for short and sweet, hence a fashion post.

Plus, there’s something about a man in a hat.

Bever Hat, 1804, Costume Parisien.


A fine hat; beaver’s fur making the best hats.

Saucy pose, Bever Hat, 1804, Costume Parisien.
Even saucier pose, Bever Hat, 1809, Costume Parisien.

  • Slang term taken from the 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue.
  • To learn more about the Bever hat, please peruse Regency Gentleman Mr. Elton’s post, The Top Hat. Then stay to visit the rest of his bloggings.
  • To learn about the history of Bever Hats, or “Beaver Hats,” head over to the University of Minnesota’s thorough post here.