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Plot twist!

I adore it when I don’t see a twist coming, and I completely failed to see this. Trope-free, for my viewing pleasure. Or at least a far from overused trope (which may be a redundant phrase, but it fits what I’m trying to convey, I think).

How utterly tragic the marriage the Earl and Countess of Squanderfield has become.

Marriage à-la-mode, a series of six pictures painted by William Hogarth between 1743 and 1745, are in the permanent collection of the National Gallery.


A bagnio, or bathing house.

Marriage à-la-mode: 5, The Bagnio (The Killing of the Earl), by William Hogarth, 1743, National Gallery.

From the Wikipedia description:

In the fifth painting, The Bagnio (the name on its frame), called The Killing of the Earl by Hogarth, the new earl has caught his wife in a bagnio with her lover, the lawyer, and is fatally wounded. As she begs forgiveness from the stricken man, the murderer in his nightshirt makes a hasty exit through the window. A picture of a woman with a squirrel on her hand hanging behind the countess contains lewd undertones. Masks on the floor indicate that the couple have been at a masquerade.


Slang term taken from the 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue.

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