WOW ~ Word of the Week ~ Hobgoblin

So we expect stories of ghosts, ghoulies, skeletons, monsters, and even vampyres during the Regency. Anything else?

Glad you asked.

Hobgoblin (noun)

An elf or fairy; a little man or woman. Also a mischievous sprite that causes fear or disquiet, 1709. From Hobbe “hob” elf and a variant of Robin Goodfellow, an elf character in German folklore, and goblin, 1520s.

Winter or The Goblin Story, after Hamilton, 1795, British Museum.


Ghost stories are so much fun!



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  1. Great minds – I had the same thought about the Fuseli painting, but had already used it in my first post of the month. Darn it! I settled for a generic hobgoblin from Goya…then wanted to do a future post about all 80 of his paintings from Los caprichos. Research bunnies all over the place!

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