Why I Read -and- Write Historical Romance

Today, authors and readers are sharing why they read and/or write historical romance.  The hashtag #WhyIReadHistoricals or #WhyIWriteHistoricals is taking over social media.

Thus this post, in which I reveal the patently obvious reasons I read and write historicals.

1. Because men wandered around dressed like this.

man in green tailcoat









2. Because this old thing?

green regency gown









3. Because atten-shun!

duke of wellington









4. Because the quaint country houses.

lyme park







5. Because flirting was art.

flirty with fan








6. And courtship was choreography.










7. Because merely attending an entertainment was the event.

an evening at theatre









8. Because extensive reading was enticing.

improve ones mind by reading









9. Because this could show up in your prettyish kind of wilderness.

colin firth darcy with horse







10. Because I could have danced all night.








11. Because social media was handwritten.

quill and ink and letter









12. Because “A Lady” crafted delightful stories.

jane austen quote







Why do you read or write historicals?