Keep Calm and Read This! Mel Curtis ~ The Hollywood Rules Series

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The Hollywood Rules series by Mel Curtis

  1. Founded by Dooley Rule, the Dooley Foundation specializes in life coaching celebrities, athletes, and wealthy head-cases. Dooley’s approach was unorthodox, as was his record keeping – few know who his clients were, fewer are familiar with his methods.
  2. Now that he’s passed on, he’s left everything to his first three children contingent upon them working for the Foundation, meeting a sales quota, and fulfilling one of his unorthodox wishes (like having his son carry Dooley’s tea cup poodle everywhere).
  3. One of the Foundation’s biggest clients is the NBA expansion team – L.A. Flash. A team of misfits and rule-breakers themselves.
  4. The Rule children – their loves, their fashion, their mistakes – are a favorite topic of conversation with Hollywood’s hottest gossip columnist, Lyle Lincoln.
  5. The Rule children – Amber, Blue, and Cora – could use a bit of life coaching themselves!

Each book in the hot romantic comedy Hollywood Rules series stands alone. Book 3, Cora Rules, is now on sale in the Book Boyfriends Café Summer Lovin’ anthology (14 books & novellas for 99 cents). Cora is the wildest and youngest of Dooley’s heirs, and in this book she meets her match, Trent Parker, the L.A. Flash’s new coach, nicknamed the Reverend (for the worshipful way he approaches the game of basketball). Here’s an excerpt from Cora Rules.


 Exes. Siblings. Love-struck clients who refused to sign divorce documents. Cora’s body was a bundle of tension in need of an outlet – a strong buzz, a deep tissue massage, sex. “Impossible.”

“Impossible is nothing.” A deep, rich voice with a swirling, Southern twang interrupted her thoughts. “We weren’t introduced earlier. I’m Trent Parker.”

The NBA’s newest coach was sexier up close. His body bigger. His whiskey-brown eyes more intense. His presence was a double shot of vodka and Red Bull that made her heart race, her lips curl upward, and her body blaze to life in ways it shouldn’t. Because he was the Reverend and that jacket of his was so very hideous.

“I’m Cora.” The rebellious streak notched up her smile to provocative. What was tee-totaling Coach Parker going to do? Call her bluff?

Damned if he didn’t.

That smile of his turned as crookedly mischievous as Archie’s. His eyes stroked and weighed and measured, like a lover trying to decide which part of her he’d consume first. Of their own accord, her nipples stood at attention, volunteering for the lead in a multi-course meal.

Cora blinked. She had to be reading him wrong. Coach Parker didn’t cuss. He didn’t create scandals. He hadn’t breathed a bad word about his failed marriage. This was not the kind of man interested in hot sex with a stranger.

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Melinda Curtis is an award winning, USA Today bestselling author. She writes the fun and sexy Hollywood Rules series, book 3 of which is featured in Book Boyfriends Café Summer Lovin’. Jayne Ann Krentz says of Blue Rules (Book 2): “Sharp,, sassy, modern version of a screwball comedy from Hollywood’s Golden Age except a lot hotter.”

Melinda also writes sweet romantic comedy (Bridesmaid series) and light-hearted sweet romances for Harlequin Heartwarming (Harmony Valley series). Brenda Novak says: “Season of Change has found a place on my keeper shelf.”

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