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Heather Diane got her start writing romance novels by copying somebody else’s. (Well, just the kissing scene and only after consulting with her father on whether or not she’d be violating international copyright law.) After that, it was a short step to transferring the stories playing in her head onto paper. When she first wrote her own kissing scene, she was so embarrassed she hid the page on the top shelf of her closet.

In college, she spent hours on IM writing HCs (Heartfelt Confessions of love) with a friend. They took turns being the hero/heroine and never bothered writing the rest of the story. Heather did eventually learn how to write something from start to finish and is now the author of both contemporary and historical romance. She tries to make each of her stories into a delicious escape (like a really good bonbon—light, sweet, and satisfying).

Now joyfully united to her own gentleman of good fortune, Heather lives and writes in Texas, where she indulges her love of sugar and parentheses (although not at the same time. Usually).

You can catch up with Heather at her Website (and sign up for her newsletter to hear about new releases and other cool stuff), and follow her on Twitter.

But we’re here to talk about Heather’s new book.  Which is free today and tomorrow.  Huzzah!

Falling For Santa ~ Heather Diane


Dear God, please don’t let me spend Christmas alone.

Holly thinks her Christmas prayer has been answered when two eligible bachelors move into the neighborhood—Ben, the gorgeous biker who lives a little on the wild side, and Albert, the charming Australian who’s out of place in his cold, new environment.

Although unable to deny the chemistry flaring between herself and Ben, Holly becomes conflicted when circumstances keep throwing her into Albert’s path. Ben’s flirtatious banter, midnight bonfires, and motorcycle thrill rides leave her breathless. But Albert’s quirky intelligence and quiet strength are intriguing too. And who’s the Secret Santa who keeps leaving gifts in her front yard?

Holly needs to figure out which man will be the answer to her prayer, before she spends another Christmas alone.

free book


Grab your FREE copy of Falling For Santa at Amazon right now!  Remember, this opportunity is only good December 22-23.

You can also purchase a print copy here, or head over to Goodreads and enter the giveaway for a FREE print copy here.


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