I’m a happy, healthy mutt. Which book species are you?

Web designer Laura E. Kelly has created a whimsical chart called the Classification of Book Lovers & Other Readers.

Are you a purebred reader, never polluting your gene pool with works from another genre?  Are you like me, a purebred mutt, free-ranging across all styles of books in pursuit of nothing save the pleasure of reading?  I fancy myself a rule-breaker, crossing the lines to be a compulsive reader when the situation demands, cherishing and rescuing novels from the wastelands of neglect at Amazon or my local book seller.

Take a look at this chart and see where you fall in the Linnaean Hierarchy of Readers.

By the by, this chart is just a fantastical way of celebrating all the ways, shapes, and forms we readers take.  Find yourself!

Reader Species Infographic

I’m a happy, healthy mutt. Which book species are you?