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I want to warmly welcome author Mageela Troche to the blog today.  She graciously agreed to stop by and reveal the inspiration for her latest novel, Claiming the Highlander.

As a romance author, I am asked many questions. One that I often get is “where do you get your inspiration from?” For my latest novel, Claiming the Highlander, I can say it all started with a football game. I was watching the Green Bay Packers play. I couldn’t help but watch number 52, Linebacker Clay Matthews. His long blond hair flapped out from the bottom of his helmet as he tackled his opponents. One thought popped in my head: Viking.

clay matthews #52

Of course, my books are full of medieval highlanders, but Scotland and Norse have an intertwined history. Thus my hero, Caelen MacKenzie, was born. But who would be the woman that captured his heart? That I didn’t know. I had the opening scene: two children wed for political reasons. I knew one thing – a woman makes her man.

kemp muhl lady brenna

Then my heroine came to me—Brenna Grant. She would be opposite of Caelen. Brunette and brown-eyed . . . but there was more. Marriage at this time was about political power, building connections and strengthening family ties. Brenna would be trained for the life she would live once joined to her husband, but this marriage had to help her clan as well. Now she was torn between the life she was raised to live and the one she was leaving behind. She risked the loss of the one truth in her life – her marriage to Caelen – because of men’s machinations.

Claiming the Highlander, the latest novel from author Mageela Troche

Caelen MacKenzie married heiress Lady Brenna Grant in his youth for a large parcel of land and an earldom.  Years later, Scotland trembles from the tables of the Viking Highlander, yet Caelen must face his most challenging battle – returning home to the past he ran from.

Lady Brenna loves her husband.  As her loyalties are tested, the life she was reared to live is in jeopardy.  She knows no other life apart from Countess and wife to Caelen.  Snagged in the power plays of men, she will do anything to save that life, and the man she loves.

From the rugged western highlands to the glittering Scottish court, they must battle the machinations of powerful men scheming against them.

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Author Mageela Troche

Author Mageela Troche writes in the cramped corner of her Big Apple apartment.  She is currently working on her fourth novel.  When she’s not writing, she has her nose in books while her lovebird flies about, making a great deal of noise.  But her bird is sooo cute.

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