A Stolen or Stray’d Heart at Vaux-Hall: 1738

A “missed connections” personal ad circa 1738?

Mrs Daffodil Digresses

A Valentine Inspired by the 18th-century Revival A Victorian Valentine with a faux-18th-century flavour

As I was one Morning coming down Stairs, a Gentleman, in a great deal of Confusion, ask’d me if my Name was not Stonecastle, and if I was not Author of the Universal Spectator; on my telling him that I was, with a trembling Hand he gave me a Paper, and with a faltering Voice desired me to insert it in my very next Journal, for his Life depended on it; then made a low Bow, and retir’d: I have granted his Request by publishing the following Advertisement, and hope it will be of Service to him. 

STOLEN or STRAY’D on Monday the 5th Instant, in the Evening, at Vaux-Hall; a large Old-Fashion’d Heart, let round with several Antique Jewels. Viz. Constancy, Truth, Sincerity and Good Humour, with a small Parcel of Wit fix’d in the Middle, and secur’d with…

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